Once we depart, the sail training really starts. You will be part of the watch system and rotate in watches during the day and night. During your watch, you and your fellow shipmates will be responsible for setting and trimming the sails, manoeuvring the ship, maintenance, navigating, and everything else that comes with sailing a tall ship. Sailing experience is not required, as the professional sailing crew will teach you all the skills you need.

The sleeping arrangements are an experience on their own, as you will share a dorm with all other trainees. Everyone will have their own bunk bed and locker to store luggage, and after an exhilarating watch you can enjoy a good rest while being comfortably rocked to sleep by the waves.

Food is always an important part of living on board. The ship’s cook will provide lovely meals to energise you for a new day, or warm you up after a watch. Either way, the thrill of sailing and living on board will ensure that it always tastes wonderful.

Outside of your watch, you’ll have some free time. Time to enjoy the views, work on special projects with a crew member, catch up on some sleep, or socialize with your fellow shipmates. One of the wonderous aspects of sail training is the blend of different nationalities on board. So, you can use the opportunity to get to know different cultures, their traditions, cuisine and maybe even learn a few phrases in a new language!

When we’re in harbour, you will have time to explore the city and all it has to offer. Go for a walk in the city with your shipmates, learn about its history and culture, or enjoy a landscape different from what you already know, before setting sail again for another journey.