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    A unique experience; book the Gulden Leeuw  for a day or evening sailing event, wedding , team building, product presentation or business ev...
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    On board the Gulden Leeuw we firmly believe in Sail Training and we are not the only one. Studies by the university of Edinburgh and Sydney show that ...
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    There is no translation available.Wilt u deelnemen aan een reis of dagtocht aan boord van de Gulden Leeuw? Dan kunt u contact opnemen met ons kantoor ...
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We built our dream, a big, sturdy sailing ship reminiscent of the 30's and with the deck layout of a classic yacht.

Sturdy sailing ship

The "Gulden leeuw" (Golden Lion) has been designed and built as an ocean-going, ice class ship. In combination with the chosen rigging it is a fast, robust ship. We want a ship that can really sail. The rigging must not only serve as decoration but also actually have good sailing characteristics. The "Gulden Leeuw" is a three-masted topsail schooner, so the foremast is also yard-rigged. This very versatile rigging combines the advantages of a square-sailed ship and a fore-and-aft rigged ship. You can sail close to the wind and pick up the trade winds. We can sail all international waters with this tall ship.

The 30's atmosphere
On the one hand, the 30's style was characterised by expensive, rich materials, often hand-crafted, decorative and luxurious. On the other, simple, functional forms were sought. High quality and a high level of finish were taken for granted. Our ship was built in 1937. Splendid authentic details have been retained. We are restoring these original features so that our ship will have a magnificent ambience.


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