The GULDEN LEEUW has participated in the Tall Ship Races as 'Class A Vessel' every year for the past decade. Since 1956, The Tall Ships Races are the world's largest international ocean races for Sail Training ships. Countless tall ships from all over the world take part. The race is divided into several stages that end in different countries. We sail every summer with young people aged 15-25. The tall ship races are organised by Sail Training International. We are very proud that this organisation has awarded us with 'vessel operator of the year' and 'most innovative initiative':

Awarded to a Sail Training organisation that operates larger ships, which shows excellence in "innovation" and "best practices" in Sail Training for young people. Gulden Leeuw (Netherlands) sails the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, the Mediterranean, the North and South Atlantic and the Caribbean. During the summer, trainees take part in The Tall Ships Races or other Sail Training programmes, and during the winter they stay on board for a full school year to study the regular academic school curriculum and master all aspects of sailing the ship. Gulden Leeuw has a specific Sail Training protocol that is unique and innovative in its approach.

Most Innovative Initiative
The Gulden Leeuw had already received the award for 'Most Innovative Initiative' back in 2013.
Awarded to the Sail Training Ship that developed their own version of the S.T.A.N sail training programme (*2010). The Sail Training Programme on board the Gulden Leeuw offers trainees the opportunity to use their talents and qualities to ultimately run the ship on their own.

EZS Medal of Honor
As owners, we are also very proud to have been awarded the EZS Medal of Honor for making an outstanding contribution to the professional sailing community. A very special award from the Enkhuizen Maritime School, which presents this award annually to captains, politicians and entrepreneurs.