Schoolship Gulden Leeuw

School, sailing and discovering the world, a combination one may have thought is not possible.
But for a couple of years now, the Gulden Leeuw has made this possible.

Together with 44 students, 6 teachers and 10 crew for 7 months transatlantic sailing in Europe and the Caribbean.
The crew will teach you everything about the ship, sailing, steering, maneuvering and of course maintenance.
The teachers on board will guide you with your home(boat)work and your tests to make sure you pass your school year.
And in between activities, you as a team ensure that there is food on the table and that everything is clean every day.

With many beautiful projects on land, excursions in various cities, learning the Spanish language, exploring the rainforest and discouvering the underwater world, it is much more than an adventure to remember. It is a development for the rest of your life !!

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