The 'Gulden Leeuw' was designed by renowned naval architects KHMB Y&S Design/Korner and was refitted at Royal Shipyard Balk in the Dutch town of Urk.

The Gulden Leeuw was designed and built as an ocean-going ship in the ice class. Due to the type of rigging chosen, it has since become a fast and sturdy ship. We wanted a ship that can truly sail. The rigging should not just serve as decoration, but should actually have good sailing qualities. The Gulden Leeuw is a three-masted topsail schooner; which means that the front mast is also square-rigged. This very versatile type of rigging combines the advantages of a square rigger and a fore-and-aft rigged ship. You can sail on the high winds and pick up the trade winds. We can sail all the international waters with this Tall Ship.

Because we rebuilt the ship ourselves, we could already take into account the functions it would have. For example, the deck has been designed so that sail training trainees can safely carry out a lot of the tasks themselves. When it came to corporate hospitality, we found it important to be able to seamlessly connect the indoor space with the outdoor space, among other things. Of course, a top-notch kitchen was a priority for both functions.
The ship is well built, but it is also excellently maintained.
We operate under SOLAS (Safety of Lives at Sea), the highest international standard for maritime safety.
Of course, we are proud of the ship and could talk about it for hours.
But instead, we invite you to take a look at our brochure 'why sail the Gulden Leeuw'.

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