High Seas High School

Seven months High School on board of the Gulden Leeuw

In October , the Gulden Leeuw starts her voyage to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
- Her course: from Hamburg, via the Canaries, Capo Verde and the Little Antilles to Panama and back home via Cuba, Bermudas and the Azores -
For this Voyage the »High Seas High School« (HSHS), which has been organizing sailing trips for high school students since 1993, lives on the Gulden Leeuw and charted her as their home for seven months.

In addition to the 44 students of the 10th and 11th grade, six teachers are responsible for the well-being of the students, the overall guidance throughout the whole experience – on board and on land and of course, the schooling.
German speaking media described the project as “a mixture of a student field trip and an exchange year”. For the students this project is surely their biggest adventure so far.

The students, who become trainees the moment they board the Gulden Leeuw, get involved into the daily routines of sailing a tall ship: In a watch system the trainees learn to take over the responsibilities of sailing a tall ship by day and night. This includes not only the sailing maneuvers, but also the work of the bosun and the engineer, getting to know bridge duties, taking care of the galley and last but not least: keeping the ship clean and tidy.

When the students return in May, they not only exchanged their normal classroom setting for a learning environment that teaches valuable life lessons, but they will also have made lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories and experiences.
After a good start of the cooperation between HSHS and Gulden Leeuw, we are happy to be already preparing the 30th voyage of HSHS on board the Gulden Leeuw, starting October.

You can read more about the High Seas High School and the current trip on its website https://www.lietz-nordsee-internat.de/high-seas-high-school/ or in the travel blog at www.hshs-blog.de

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